Cafe of the week- Cafe Schoenbrunn

At a loss for what to do in that odd time between Christmas and New Year, we decided to meet up with some of the few friends who had also decided to stay in Berlin over the holidays. We opted for somewhere quite close to both of us which was a short cycle for us and a short walk for them. Cafe Schoenbrunn in Volkspark Friedrichshain, I have been there before in the summer when it was too hot for anything other than sitting outside and drinking beer so I was excited to try the food and see what the inside looked like, the decor is a kind of strange mix of 50’s diner and mountain cabin but somehow it works. It is spacious with lots of tables and was fairly empty when we arrived but soon filled up quickly with families and couples who had been enjoying a stroll round the park.


Their breakfast menu is normal for what you would expect in Berlin with a section of cooked savories and pastries, they also have an excellent cake counter and I found the service friendlier than most Berlin establishments. We ordered a range of the different offerings and all seemed to be good quality and the portions were fairly sizable. I am not sure whether I found the service to be attentive or if they were trying to turn round tables quicker than we were ready to leave but the waitress did check back on us quite a few times which is unusual for Berlin as normally once you have order you are left along and it become a mission to order anything else let alone pay.


Having said that though it was nice she did pop back because we ordered a few more drink as it was a very pleasant place to sit and chat watching the word go by in the park. Definitely worth a visit.


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