Cafe of the Week – Prince


So this was a little bit of a departure for us, we strayed out of our normal beloved Prenzlauer Berg with the intention of going to Barcomis Deli but alas unable to secure a reservation we went on a recommendation and got lucky.

Situated on Rosa-Luxemberg Strasse in central Mitte this place is fairly easy to miss, it looks pretty inconspicuous from the outside and not somewhere I would ever have considered having breakfast. It is an Asian fusion restaurant with a very moody/hipster atmosphere. The lights are low, the sofas are huge and the decor is dark. The neon around the bar area is impressive as are the large round tables which I think would make for a fantastic celebration meal with a group of friends.


But as it was a Sunday, brunch was the order of the day. We slipped into a comfy booth and wait a little time in the very quite restaurant for some menus which is normal in Berlin. The waitress informed us that they were out of quite a lot of things as we were fairly late, 12 o’clock in P.Berg is not late for brunch and you would expect still a full offering but here in Mitte they are obviously catering more for the tourist trade so they expect people to be early to make the most of their day.



My  friend went for the buffet offering which was as explained a little lacking and at one point she got some dim sum that were far from ready and hastily removed never to be replaced and we went for choices from the menu. My first choice of pancakes were sold out but I did get some very nice croissants and the cooked breakfast was adequate even if the extras got a little lost in translation, not the worst coffee I have had either.



So to sum up, I think this place would rock if you either turned up early on a Sunday or went for  dinner, for a late brunch perhaps not but it has a wonderful relaxing atmosphere and the choices when available are a good mix.


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