Thursday night movie – 26.12.2014 The Wolf of Wall Street

After last week’s traded of a movie we were hopeful because it literally could not be any worse and we weren’t disappointed. We got The Wolf of Wall St and I have to let you into a secret here, I love Leo. I think he will go down as one of the finest actors of his generation. Now this isn’t a fan girl thing I don’t find him particularity attractive I just admire his ability to completely inhabit a role. He has star quality and the scene where he is introduced in The Great Gatsby Still gives me goose bumps.


Having lived through the 90’s I was excited to see this movie, granted I was a lot younger than the main characters but I clearly remember the fashions, attitude and excesses of the decade. Jordan Belfort epitomises the messages of both Wall Street and the 90’s

  1. Go big or go home
  2. Confidence will get you everywhere
  3. Always look after number one

The story being a dramatization of real life events, much like Pain and Gain, provides hilarious scenes of way over the top drug use, sex, exploitation and general douche bag behaviour but what it does lack is the darkness of Pain and Gain. I think because we are seeing events from the inside of Belfort’s mind and his sheer delusional belief that everything will work out and there is nothing that he can’t come back from keeps the darkness at bay. It’s a fun story and a fun movie which is well worth seeing.

A solid 7/10


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