Thursday night movie – 19.12.2013 All is lost

So after a couple of weeks off due to some Christmas related commitments namely a lovely visit with my parents and a excellent work party we were very glad to be back at the cinema. That feeling didn’t last very long though as with all of the fantastic movies coming out we were served up All Is Lost.


Now I know this one man set piece is receiving lots of critical acclaim and it potentially due to win lots of awards but I can honestly not understand why, it was dull as dish water.

I like Robert Redford, I even like minimalistic art house movies but this failed to thrill me at every turn, I wanted him to drown, I wanted it be over but the old bugger just kept on going didn’t he for 106 bloody minutes. The one thing it did do was raise lots of questions like, what is he doing out there all alone? Why does nobody come to look for him when he hasn’t been heard of for a few days? Why is he such a shit sailor? What happened to the tiger? (sorry couldn’t resist)

I don’t know what else to write about this, there is no dialogue, the cinematography at points is breathtakingly beautiful but the few glimpses you get is not enough to warrant seeing the movie. Try to imagine spending a couple of hours trying to watch your granddad trying to play Wii sports with no instructions. The ending wasn’t even interesting Spoilers – he sets fire to his life raft and then nearly drowns but get rescued…… or does he? Ooooohhhhhh mystical except it’s not its bull shit. The only reason this film is titled “All is lost’’ because you lost your money and your time seeing it and your never getting them back.



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