Thursday night movie – 09.01.2014 12 Years a Slave


I have tried to write this post several times and it seems to be a very hard movie to write a review of, Did I enjoy it – well , no,  how can you enjoy something so brutal and harrowing. Am I glad I saw it – yes and you should too.

The acting is terrific the story is as tragic as it is compelling and if it doesn’t win a few little golden men I will be very surprised.  It is a difficult subject matter that should be and was approached with caution and sensitivity, this is not a rainy day movie and a bold choice for a sneak preview as I can imagine this is not everyone’s cup of tea. I certainly don’t think it is something I would have chosen to see at the cinema (not that I didn’t want to see it) but I think I like so many were rendered completely silent on leaving the theatre that this movies has its desired impact and it is a story very well told.



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