Thursday night movie – 31.10.13 Last Vegas

Fighting my way through the jet lag I reluctantly dragged myself to the sneak preview which this week coincided with Halloween. This made me slightly nervous because although I love horror movies I only like to watch them in very controlled circumstance and at the cinema doesn’t qualify. You can imagine my relief when we were treated to the lighthearted and fun Last Vegas.


The best way for me to describe this movie is like a geriatric version of the hangover, but then that doesn’t really do it justice. It had an all-star cast and centres on the life long friendship of the flatbush four played by Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, Robert De Nero and Michael Douglas. All men in the later stages of life and each facing their own challenges with growing older they are brought together by Billy (Douglas) who has finally decided to get married for the first time to a women half his age and his friends rally to throw hims bachelor party in Vegas.

Archie (Freeman) has to sneak out of his son’s house where he had lived wrapped up in cotton wool since having a minor stroke and is picked up by Sam (Kline) who feels the spark is gone is gone from his marriage and had been given permission by his wife to “have a good time” while he is away with the boys. They then have to swing by and strong-arm Paddy (De Niro) in to coming with him as he has been reluctant to leave the house since his wife and childhood sweetheart died a year ago.

I was expecting there to be slightly more toilet or gross out humour and potentially for us to lose one of the three gentlemen along the way but the comedy was very down to earth and the humour was genuine with each of the main characters handled with tenderness, reality and warmth you normally don’t find in movies like this. This is the reason I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would as I was expecting something quite silly and instead got a charming story about love, friendship and life.

I can see why all of these terrific actors signed on for this because I looked like they had fun making it and enjoyed doing something so lighthearted. I would never have gone to see this at the cinema and I don’t think it necessarily need to be seen on the big screen but if you get the chance to see it in the small screen I would definitely recommend it.

6.6 out of 10


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