Cafe of the Week – Bridge


Kappabashi Dori is pure unadulterated chaos. Snuggled between the fake food shops and catering suppliers is a very trendy cafe indeed. It looks very Berlin and really out-of-place in its surroundings so of course we had to go in and investigate.



Bridge is a wide open industrial looking space and its tiny tables and chairs are dominated by the ginormous coffee machine in the entrance. The friendly staff are decidedly hipster and with a range of home backed looking goods on offer we jumped at the change to have a proper coffee and a sit down after cycling around all day.


I plumped for an Oreo muffin and iced latte while Mark went with a double espresso and a dubious looking “scone”


The muffin was a little dry but tasty and the “scone” was more of an oatey biscuit and while the coffee was not as good as we are used to back home if was definitely some of the best we had on our Japan trip. I liked the vibe of the place and there seemed to be some sort of office of internet cafe out the back but I wasn’t brave enough to investigate. Well worth checking out if you are doing the touristy thing and longing for a little taste of home.


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