Tokyo travels – Day 6, Disneyland

Many years ago I visited Eurodisney or Disneyland Paris or whatever it is called now and I have to say I was a little underwhelmed by the whole experience. Perhaps us Europeans are just too cool for Disney or maybe our hearts are just not in it, not so in the land of the rising sun.

As soon as we boarded the train at Tokyo station you could tell this was going to be full on, everyone (except us) was sporting their best Disney atire. The carriage was filled with Minnie tshirts, Mickey sunglasses and all sorts of Disney parafinnalia and we hadn’t even got there yet!


Inside the park was insane everyone was dressed up and sporting massive character hats, ears and enormous popcorn holsters. The smell of sugar in the air was almost unbearable as people quickly started lining the parade route.


These people are obviously Disney pros, the had floor coverings to sit on (we sat on our park maps) umbrellas to shade them from the sun and enough snacks to give Godzilla diabetes. The thing I found amazing was that everyone sat to view the parades there was no pushing, shoving, jostling for position or crowding each other. Everyone maintains a respectful distance and everyone gets a view.


My Disney experience was totally amazing from seeing all the cute kids dressed up (twins in chip and dale onesies were my favorite) to the rides, parades and finally the fireworks I can’t believe I managed to last until. I loved nearly every minute, I had a mini grumpy moment waiting for food in the queen if hearts banquet hall, and now I feel disneyed out. Well until next time 😉



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