Tokyo travels – day 5, Yokohama

As we slept wihpa came and went and surprisingly we woke up to sunshine. We ate our hotel breakfast watching the trees whip back and forth in the remaining winds feeling like we had gained a day.

Today was Marks birthday and we had fully expected it to be a washout so as I was feeling better we decided to try again for Yokohama. Arriving at the station it was obvious the typhoon had caused some delays but I asked a guard who directed us to use the yamanote line to get to Shinagawa where we could pick up the express train.

Arriving in Yokohama was daunting it seemed like a sprawling concrete jungle with lanes upon lanes of traffic as far as the eye could see. Once we had found our bearings and fueled up with a Starbucks at the Nissan building we headed for Chinatown.


This is apparently the largest Chinatown in Japan and is more like a panda themed theme park than the grotty, tatty and pile it high sell it cheap stuff I’m used to in London. Don’t get me wrong it’s all the same tat you would expect in London just displayed well in beautifully lit stores. Japan really take everything to the aesthetic limit.

Then we took a walk along the harbor which while chilly was well worth seeing as well as the Nippon Maru which is a long serving naval ship. To me Yokohama was a lot like Portsmouth it had some impressive architecture and a chilled out vibe with some similarities to Tokyo and many differences but we’ll worth a visit.





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