Tokyo travels – day 4 typhoons and tummy troubles

So after an excessive day of travelling in Nikko we decided to not stray to far from Tokyo today and this turned out to be good for two reasons the first was typhoon Wipha was heading our way and due to strike late afternoon and the second was I got hit by an attack of travellers tummy.

This happened on the way to Yokohama and it was so severe that it caused us to turn back, undeterred I decided not to remain in the safe confines of the bathroom and we took to the streets armed with our 100 Yen umbrellas to take in the local district. It was absolutely lashing down, I have to say having 2 natural disasters in our 3 trips to Japan was making my think they might just turn us away at the border next time. We wandered through the sea of see through umbrellas ducking in and out of shops and it struck us again that it really takes a lot to slow down the electric metropolis so for Tokyo it was business as usual.

Tired, hungry and a little damp we found somewhere to stop and eat, a tepanyaki place. I have never had tepanyaki so when the waiter told us it was all horsemeat I don’t know who was more surprised (him or Mark) when I decided to sit down. I have never knowingly eaten horse meat before, I’m sure i have had it loads of times without knowing, but anyone who says it tastes like beef is lying. Granted it is the closest thing you can compare it to but the flavour is milder and the meat is slightly lighter. It was tasty mainly due to the yummy dipping sauces but doesn’t compare to shabu shabu and cooking it yourself is always fun.


After that we had a mad dash back to the hotel in the rain to wait out the storm and see what tomorrow might bring.


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