Tokyo travels – day 2, kitties and Bic camera

Feeling hopeful and getting the bags we got up and went for breakfast to plan what today would bring. We needed a few bits and bobs like an ethernet convertor thing for my mac as the “free wireless” sucks and I couldn’t get a connection. We also wanted a data sim because roaming was costing a fortune so after breakfast we took the Yamanote line to our old stoping ground and the huge Bic Camera in Yurakucho.

In it’s 8 floors of techie goodness we found everything we were looking for and more (I may have picked up a sneaky iphone case and a camera strap) so we headed back to the hotel to do our room switch and eagerly await our cases. The room switch did not go as planned as the “upgraded” room which was exactly what we had paid for turned out to be tiny and smelled of smoke even though it was meant to be non smoking. It did have a better bathroom but we decided the layout of where we were was better and asked to stay put, they agreed and once our case arrived about an hour later we could finally start to settle in.

A change of clothes and trainers later we were ready to hit the streets, first stop Calico Cat Cafe! I won’t got too much into this here because it is going to be my cafe of the week but I will leave you with this very cute wee beastie.


oh and here is Mark getting mobbed for his chicken


We then went on a mission to get tickets to Disney land so that meant a quick train ride to Shibuya. If you have never been to Shibuya then it has to be seen to be believed, I have honestly never seen so many people. Check out the videos below to give you a feel for the place.

Disney tickets succesfully in hand we headed to find somewhere to eat and I had a delicious steak and somewhere called outback steak house. We then walked back to the hotel to plan the rest of our stay in Japan and now have tonnes of fun things to do.


Yeah you read that right about 9 quid for a Guinness

Here is what we have so far.

Tomorrow we are going to Nikko

Tuesday and Wednesday staying in Tokyo because we may get a mini typhoon

Thursday is Disneyland

Friday we are finally getting to go to mount Fuji

and Sunday we are seeing friends

I honestly can’t wait to experience everything!


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