Cafe of the week – Anna Blume

So tired of being inside all day on a not so nice Sunday me and the Mr decided to pop out for a quick coffee. We didn’t make it very far (it’s about 3 doors down from us in the intersection between Kollwitzstrasse and SzredkiStrasse) and decided to stop at Anna Blume, not one of our regular cafes and I’ll explain why.

Well known for its appearance Anna Blume has become the place to see and be seen in Prenzlauer Berg, it is in all the tourist books and there aren’t many Berliners who don’t know of its existence. The seats are always packed and if it is nice enough to sit outside it is a great place to watch the world go by and this unfortunately is where we encounter me first problem with this place.

It’s just too well-known, it is normally impossible to get a seat and people will queue for ages for a table giving the impression it is worth waiting for. I can understand if you have traveled to visit it then you might be willing to wait but for me with my semi local knowledge can tell you that all the cafes in the area are every bit as good.

My second problem with this place is that they are teamed with Sowohlalsauch which is across the road, they actually makes the cakes on sale there and you can buy them direct from there with no queuing!

My third problem is the service, whilst Berlin is not known for its service culture I do not expect to wait over half an hour to even catch someones eye and then have to ask to see a menu. The service really is apauling and you almost feel like they thing you should thank your lucky stars you even got a seat in their fantastic cafe so they will get round to you when they are good and ready.

Now I have gotten all that off my chest let’s get down to Sundays visit. We found a table for 2 inside without too much problem, it was after 5pm on a shopping Sunday so not a peak time but it was still busy. I was surprised that it only took about 5 minutes to receive a menu and the waitress approached us with a smile. Neither of us was very hungry so we ordered coffees and a sacher torte to share.


The sacher torte as I have mentioned comes from across the road and is very very tasty indeed.


Just like it’s counterpart the decor in this place is beautiful, it is painted all over with Art Nouveau designs and is decadently decorated with chandeliers and sumptuous red velvet curtains. It is a beautiful place and I can see why it has become so popular. Unfortunately it is too cramped to be properly relaxing and it can be quite loud inside. There is also a cute (but very expensive) little flower shop attached through the arch which is worth browsing in.


The coffee is standard nothing to write home about, it’s a decent enough cup but if you are a true coffee connoisseur you will want to try out other places in the immediate vicinity. All in all this wasn’t the worst trip I have had to Anna Blume but it is ultimately a tourist destination and will never be on the top of my list.


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