Misplaced priorities

So after the whirlwind week that was Social Media Week in Berlin I was well and truly read for a rest. So how comes I ended up cycling all the way to Primark on a Saturday afternoon?

This furry mischief is why!



A while ago when I had time on my hands I could go to Primark early in the morning on weeks days when it was quiet, well quieter anyways. The last time I was there I picked up few of the normal bits and bobs I normally get when I am there. Candles, coat hangers, face wipes and the like this time I picked up some cushioned insoles for my converse, they were your standard cut to size type which I did and fitted into my shoes, smashing.

What I was not prepared for was what happened next, our resident bin raider took it upon herself to liberate the off cuts from the bin  as she had decided that this was the perfect toy for her. Off cuts from an insole, a couple of weeks earlier I had bought some gorgeous cat toys from Tchibo and this is what she decides to play with!

Fast forward a few weeks and these are looking really tatty and are leaving little black bits all over the house so me and Mr decided that some new ones were in order. We braved Primark on a Saturday afternoon for insoles to make cat toys out of, we must be mad.


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