Cafe of the Week – Elbspeicher(B)


Sredkizstrasse is one of those streets in Berlin where every single shop is treat for the senses, full of boutiques cafes and restaurants there are so many choices it can be hard to make a decision. Located at 41 Sredkizstresse is Elbspeicher (B), it’s mission is to bring the best coffees direct from Hamburg for the Berliners to enjoy.


While I’m not sure the coffee is the best I’ve had in Berlin it is certainly not a bad cup, they have a few different varieties for you to try and buy and the cakes are certainly very tasty. We have been here for brunch before and it was excellent but todays visit was just for coffee and cakes. It’s a charming airy and well decorated place with plenty of seating both inside and out and it has to be said the thing I like most about this place is that is counter service which is perfect for impatient Brits like myself. The atmosphere is very relaxing and it is nice to be served with a smile, I had the carrot cake today which was glazed rather than butter iced which made it light but still sweet and the Hubby had the chocolate brownie which was rich and very very tasty, I had to sample it for review purposes of course!



It’s a nice little cafe away from the hustle and bustle of the far busier Kollwitz platz and beats some of the cafes there hands down for service.


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