Thursday night movie – 25.09.13 Austenland

This is one I had heard of and I have to say I didn’t have a particular interest in. It is your standard romcom and doesn’t take itself to seriously but I would definitely not chosen to go and see it at the cinema.


The story follows Jane (Kerri Russell) who is a hopeless Jane Austen nerd with dreams of finding her own Mr Darcy. Disillusioned and disgusted with the hopeless men in her life she decides to spend her life savings on the trip of a lifetime to “Austenland” a Jane Austen experience in England which gives the visitors a chance to live out their literary fantasies among other things. Unfortunately for her on arrival she discovers her hard-earned has only bought her the copper package whilst her other two holiday mates have plumped for the platinum package. The experience runner takes an instant dislike to our heroine and we are never quite clear why this is, is it that she is pretty, knows more about Jane Austen than her or simply that she just hasn’t spent enough money but it serves as an interesting plot device. Jane gets a crappy dress, a crappy room and a crappy time.

As you may have guessed a love triangle soon forms and she sparks up a friendship with another over enthusiastic American guest (Jennifer Coolidge) who had named herself Miss Elizabeth Charming and is anything but. I don’t care for Coolidge and her overacting of everything but this is what the part required I guess. The film is entertaining enough and has a couple of laugh out loud moment and more than a few cringeworthy scenes and holds together OK apart from the bit where the horribly gloss over the attempted sexual assault on Jane by the owners drunken husband. I am not sure why this even needed to be in there, it’s awful there are no consequences for him and the whole thing is played like it’s fine as long as she gets her happy ending.

Rent this if you are bored as it’s some great chewing gum for the brain but don’t expect anything more than a run of the mill american romance flick.



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