30 Day Challenge – Day 30, Anything you want to post about.

Well I guess the thing I want to post about today is where I have been the past week. I am not sure you if you have been watching my videos but I have had the privilege to blog for Social Media Week Berlin 2013.

What this meant was I got to attend 16 of the events and write them up for the official blog, the event itself happens in February (in 10 cities) and September (in 8 cities) with a variety speakers from all industries talking about their involvement in Social Media. It is a chance to learn, network and share your experiences with likeminded people.


For me it was a chance to see what it would be like to be a professional writer, I haven’t studied any kind of writing or journalism (as you can probably tell) but I was excited to see if I could take sufficient notes and produce pieces on time and to the brief. I was so lucky to be given this opportunity and really enjoyed working with the fantastic team who made me feel so welcome. I also met some great people during the week who I will feature in a separate blog post but today I wanted to feature the event itself and say how much I enjoyed it.


If you would like to read my coverage of the week then you can click HERE for my articles but please make sure you check out the articles from the other bloggers too. They are a fantastic bunch of people who were a joy to work with and I really hope to stay in touch with them and the rest of the team.


Also Can I just say a massive thanks to Tilman Vogler who took all of the photos in this post and give a shout out Vilmar Valdmann whose photos I also used in many of my official blogs. Heres to next year!


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