30 Day Challenge – Day 28, Do you wish for anything at 11:11 if so, what do you wish for?

OK let me just be clear, this is the first time I have ever heard of anybody wishing for anything at 11:11 so my answer is no. I do sometimes notice 11:11 but only because a friend of mine was into it in a big way a few years back, I think it was some sort of new age bullshit related to synchronicity. I don’t really get numerology, I like numbers I have favourite numbers and I like patterns but I am now sure they are mystical.

To me 11:11 is always to do with remembrance day


So I guess if I ever did wish for anything at 11:11 it would be that our armed forces are safe, that there is less need for them to be in dangerous situations and that them and their families are always looked after whilst and after they serve. 


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