Cafe of the Week – Butter

Like last times Barcomi’s deli this is another cafe that isn’t on our door step but is well worth a visit. Located on the corner of Papplealle and Gneiststrasse two not particularly pretty street but they are well-connected. The cafe itself doesn’t look like much from the outside but the fact that all the seats are taken should be your first clue.


This is a really nice place to go for a brunch buffet as the quality and selection is always very good. I have tried out some of the brunch buffets in our area and some rather dubious looking ham at one in particular rather put me off for a bit.

No worries here though the food is all very fresh and made in smaller containers which are topped up frequently. There is a great selection of sweet and savoury and enough choices to satisfy your breakfast or lunch cravings. I couldn’t actually get a picture of the buffet area as it was always so crammed with people I had no chance of getting a shot of the food.

I did however get some shots of our plates so you can get a general idea of the types of stuff on offer


The coffee is nothing to write home about but it is better than a lot I have tried in Berlin and with the buffet plate only costing 7.90 € it is definitely worth a visit. The atmosphere is relaxed and it is fairly easy to grab a table, even if people are queuing you do not feel crowded or rushed. The service is above par as well, you do not have to wait long to order you drink or get your bill which makes change. I would not say it is the best cafe in our kiez by a long shot but I would hazard a guess that it is one of the best buffets.


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