30 Day Challenge – Day 24, Seven things that cross you mind a lot

1. I wonder of my cat is ok? – I feel bad when I go out on leave her alone especially if I am out all day or all evening. I worry that she gets lonely, hungry, playful or just cuddly and I’m not there. I think in reality she makes a fuss when we leave then promptly goes to sleep and then the next thing she know we are home.

2. The weather – I am very fickle when it comes to weather I have a very small tolerance for the perfect temperature. Too hot and I’m miserable, I get sun burned really quickly and sweat a lot. Too cold and I get grumpy, lazy and sleepy I also don’t like being out in the rain or snow. It’s all about being prepared clothing wise I just hate being uncomfortable and have spent too many day squelching around in wet shoes and soggy jeans bottoms or inversely too many days stomping around in boots feeling hot and carrying my jacket.

3. My nails – I’m a little obsessed, I have hundreds and hundreds of nail polishes and I’m always thinking about what colour to paint them next or if my polish can last another day before I have to repaint them. I can’t stand chipped nails so they get done a lot.

4. Why does my X hurt – I have a very achy body, there are not many days where I don’t have some level of pain. I have had a couple of illnesses in my life that have caused various bodily aches and pains and I am always wondering what might have caused something to hurt and constantly accessing myself to make sure I don’t relapse. Sort of like, “is this a normal ouch because I cycled 20K yesterday or is my body about to attack me again. It is not something that consumes me or that I have any worry about just something that happens in the background.

5. Where is/are my X – I am always losing my watch, keys, phone, handbag, rings and whatever else isn’t attached to me. Now this is only an in-house thing, I am completely aware of where all of my possessions are when I am outside even to the stage of perhaps being paranoid about it but once I am behind my own closed-door it’s a different story.  I normally take my watch off as soon as I come in and wash my hands so it can be in the hallway, bathroom or kitchen and the same goes for my keys.

6.  Am I prepared? – I am a little OCD when it comes to details and planning. If people are coming round I will plan for days in advance to make sure we have everything we could possibly need to prepare, serve and cater for anything ours guests could want. If we are going on a holiday forget it I will have lists and list of things I need to remember to pack and bring. I started planning for our up coming trip to japan months ago and already have things like travel toiletries and first aid kits packed up. I just like to be prepared I guess it’s the same of the weather thing.

7. Are my loved ones happy? – is there anything I could be doing to make the lives of my family and friends any better? I like to think about people and the people i care about frequently cross my mind. I wonder if my husband is have a good yoga session and i like to make sure he has food for after it. I wonder if my family are doing ok and I try to think about things that will make them happy (thank goodness for facetime and Facebook) I hope my friends are getting everything they want from life and if in any way I can help them achieve it, even if it is just remembering to ask how their day was.


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