30 Day Challenge – Day 23, A letter to someone. Anyone

Dear Person reading this,

This is the 3rd time I have started this letter tonight and they have all been to various people but I was drawing a blank so now it is to you dear reader of my blog. I wonder if you know me? I am always interested in who finds my blog and why they read, I mean I see the stats and wonder who you are. I know some are friends and family (hello mum) but I wonder how you found me if you don’t know me.

I hope you like what you read here in my random collection of thoughts, reviews and Berlin related things. I know there are so many other blogs out there that do it so much slicker and get far more readers than I could ever imagine but I quite like my little corner of the web so cheers for stopping by it means a lot.

If you do know me I wonder if you are surprised by what you read some of the topics in this 30 day challenge have been quite revealing but it is nothing I wouldn’t have told you, I’m not a very secretive person. I guess when you have a blog you put yourself out there so that is probably a good thing right?

I wonder if you have a blog, do you write? do you take pictures? how do you express yourself? I kind of wish I could get to know you we must have some shared interest or I suspect you wouldn’t be here. I guess to sum it up I find most blogs are for the blogger rather than the reader as mine is but you do always hope for more readers so if you have read something you like then share it with your friends (and that goes for all blogs not just this one) and don’t be afraid to comment on anything you have read on here I’m always looking for feedback and tips that might help me improve.

So once again cheers for stoping by and take it easy,

D x


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