30 Day Challenge – Day 21, Turn on’s and turn off’s

Oooohhh what an interesting topic, I haven’t ever really sat down and thought about it but now when I sit down to write this a lot of things spring to mind.

Turn offs


I know I have mentioned this in the past but it really is something that disgusts me. The smell is just so horrible I dunno how anyone can do it, I know that sounds really judgemental of me because I probably do a lot of things that disgust other people but I really can’t think of anything that turns me off quite so much

Fake tan

deeptan eww just eww

it’s just not attractive I’m not quite sure why anyone does it, I have tried it on myself and it just always looks odd and orange and wrong. Fake tan on men is so very wrong and I just can’t imagine wanting to be close to them.


Again, I have mentioned this before. Nothing turns me off a person quite like them being rude to someone this can mean them deliberately being rude to wait staff to making jibes at someone. The jibes thing can be one of two ways it can be knowingly jibing someone about something that obviously upsets them or, and sometimes this is worse, making them the butt of a joke that the are unaware of.


I have know girls drop their knickers because a guy had a nice or impressive car (I have no idea about cars at all so wouldn’t know how to spot a nice or impressive car) but any guy that needs to use the lure of an automobile to gain favour with the ladies must be really lacking in other departments. Also if he care so much about his car it never leaves very much room for you.


Drogba-diving-e1317730789503 photo credit football rascal

The whole thing is a turn off for me, the fans, the game, the players who get paid a ridiculous sum of money to prance around a field and fall over like they have been shot as soon as anyone comes within a meter radius. Now don’t get me wrong, I love other sports and I always avidly watch the Olympics, the rugby, sometimes Wimbledon and I have even been known to enjoy some Ice Hockey but football always had been and always will be a major turn off for me.

Turn ons


You don’t have to be Albert Einstein but someone who can hold a conversation about the bigger things always gets me going. You also don’t have to agree with me simply having you own mind is enough. Smarts come in a lot of different flavours and all I really need is the ability to have a good conversation about something meaningful.

Good Tattoos

colored-zelda-tattoo look at this, if you know whose it is then tell me and I’ll credit them its beautiful

I don’t know why but I have always been drawn to people with good tattoos, I used to thing it was perhaps the bad boy thing but as I have aged I think I have realised it’s more about the art and the person expressing their own sense of style. I think it is very easy to get a sense of a person by what they choose to have on their body forever.



especially the slightly sinister kind, one of the first crushes I remember having was of Simon Drake (secret cabaret on channel 4 look it up if you have never seen it) I like his ability to look like a dapper gentleman in one trick and like something out of Mad Max in the next. I also like Derren Brown nowadays but magicians, mentalists, illusionists always have that alluring combination of boyish charm and dark and twistyness.


I can’t help it, whatever you are into movies, comic books, video games, science or dungeons and dragons you sheer passion for your chosen subject always turns me on. It means you have the ability to care about something and I will always have something to talk to you about. Plus geeks often get the coolest clothes, gadgets and events. I also love the awkwardness that normally accompanies a certain level of geekyness.

Love of animals

For a man to appeal to me they have to love animals (but also be able to rescue me from a spider) I love that quality in a person that isn’t afraid to make a fool of themselves by playing chase with a dog or cuddling up with a cat. I guess to me it shows an interest in wanting to connect, I mean trying to gain favour with an animal that doesn’t know you is all about putting yourself out there and letting them know they can trust you.


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