30 day Challenge – Day 20, Concerts you have attended

This is going to be a rambley one so buckle in kids!

I no particular order and I have probably forgotten a lot that I have been to here goes – Madonna, Pulp, Sleeper, New Kids on the Block, Brian Adams, Adele, Offspring, The Longpigs, Gary Newman, Faithless, Cast, Neil Diamond, Womad the drifters and Elastica.

The good


As you can see from this collection my era was really Brit Pop of the mid 90’s and that I don’t really go to concerts much, my stand out gigs were obviously Adele and surprisingly Neil Diamond which I have to admit I didn’t know much about when I went to his concert with my mother but I have to say he is a true entertainer.

The meh


One of my very first concerts was New Kids on the Block at the NEC in Birmingham, it was 1990 and I was 11. I was massively into them and when I got the ticket as a christmas present I couldn’t believe it. NKOTB however pulled a Justin Bieber before Justin was even born. They were a couple of hours late to the stage and their support act didn’t even play which lead to a frenzy of bored, tired and upset tweens who were ready to lose their tiny minds when they finally did make an appearance. I can actually say I remember getting on the coach, I remember waiting a long time for them and I remember getting the coach back but I remember noting of the actual concert. This is probably a goof thing.

Another meh was Madonna who we saw at Earls Court on her Drowned World tour, she was good I like Madonna but I wouldn’t go to see her live again she didn’t really connect with the audience and I gained nothing from seeing it live that I couldn’t have from watching the DVD.

The Ugly


My most disappointing concert was Faithless, which is hard for me to say because I love them so much, On the night in question at Brixton Academy I was not on top form (my back was killing me) they were not on form (he forgot the words to insomnia) and we actually ended up leaving because the whole thing was a bit of a shambles.


The concerts that never were


I have had tickets for 3 gigs that were cancelled the first was Oasis who were due to play in Paris in about 1995 I think. Me and my best friend at the time had booked through a tour company to go and see them and it was all very exciting except the cancelled and we didn’t get a penny back thus ended my love affair with Oasis. The second was for Lemon Jelly and I can’t even remember why it was cancelled now but I was and still am heart-broken to have not seen it I think they would be amazing live.


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