Cafe of the Week – No Fire, No Glory

IMG_0791 IMG_0779

How we have never been here is a mystery to me, it’s located one street over from us on Rykestr. 45 and I have walked past it more times than I can count.

IMG_0783 IMG_0784 IMG_0781 IMG_0780

I have been recommended it by people and it had popped up on more than a few of the good coffee guides and lists that I read so today we took the plunge and took a wander round to see what we were missing. Unfortunately the answer seemed to be not much. Perhaps I am the wrong target market for this place or we just went at the wrong time but it was far too hip for me. The decor is almost as loud as the music (the decor I liked, the music I didn’t) and the seating options were slim pickings so we picked a very stylish but uncomfortable booth in a nook away from everyone else. It is counter service and pay at the end like most of these places and I was interested to read in the very informative menu/novel that their coffee also comes from the Bonanza roastery like many of the other hip coffee shops in Berlin. this meant the taste of the coffee was good but it was not espresso strong like I was used to, the one saving grace however was the “chocolate brownie” my husband ordered for us. Now don’t be fooled by the name these were not chocolate brownies but epic slices of chocolate fudge cake and they were delicious!

IMG_0777 IMG_0787

I would have to say this place was more style than substance and it felt more like an after party hangout than the laid back Berlin coffee houses I’m used to. I think if you were young and trendy this is absolutely the place for you and I would potentially give it another go at a quieter time to see if it has a different vibe for research purposes of course you understand and nothing at all to do with the cake 😉

IMG_0789 IMG_0781


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