Thursday night movie – 12.09.2013 Rush


Let me start by saying I have absolutely no interest in cars or formula 1 and after seeing this movie I still don’t. I will however say I have a new found respect for the sport and I think my lack of interest actually let me enjoy the film because I was completely unaware of the story. Of course I had heard the names of Niki Lauda and James Hunt before but I was not familiar with their story and what a compelling story it is.

From director Ron Howard I usually expect good things, I like a lot of his movies and when paired with writer Peter Morgan you get a subtle greatness. What can’t be overlooked in this film is the cast it’s nice to see Chris Hemsworth while still remaining firmly in his eye candy box actually does some pretty decent acting and holds his own against the ever fantastic Daniel Brühl whose performance as Niki Lauda blew me away. He was so understated and likeable he alone made the movie worth watching it is such a shame the movie poster features only Hemsworth because in reality they share the top billing. The supporting cast are also excellent and the 3 relationships (Nikki/Marlene – Nikki/James – James/Suzy) are beautifully told. The storytelling is solid and nothing is overplayed but me and my husband both thought it could have done without the unnecessary in engine CG scenes which lent nothing to the story which was ultimately about the people not the cars. I can only assume this was to apease any hardcore speed freaks expecting to see an action movie more like The Fast and the Furious. The cinematography is also beautiful and manages to capture the era perfectly and gives a real sense of nostalgia (the costume department also did a bang up job) in which the footage looks authentic but somehow modern.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed a movie which I never would have picked to go and see and the cinema which is the beauty of the sneak movie nights. I feel lucky to have been treated to this gem of a film which more than made up for last weeks disappointment.  I recommend you go and see it if you are looking for something different and if you don’t manage to catch it at the cinema I think it would work just as well in the small screen.

a champagne popping 8/10


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