30 Day Challenge – Day 10, If you could only live off one food and one beverage for the rest of your days, what would they be?

This is easy – coffee and chocolate.

Coffee is my normal beverage of choice closely followed by diet coke but I chose coffee simply because you can have it hot or cold and it is equally as good. My favourite way to enjoy coffee is in latte form  but really I’ll drink it any way it comes.

Chocolate is my main vice in life I love the smell, taste and texture. It makes me feel better and is normally my go to comfort food. I in particular am partial to Cadbury’s chocolate but any will do from very high end to the really cheap easter egg kind. I have never been able to give it up fully as after a week or so without any I get upset, then i get cranky and normally cave in and have some. I generally like to keep some on hand just incase of an impending crisis.


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