Thursday night movie – 05.09.2013 Riddick


This is going to be quite a short review as I will find it difficult to write about this without it turning into a massive rant. I was hoping and praying we were going to get “The World’s End” so I don’t know if the disappointment came more from that fact that it was this or that it wasn’t what I wanted to see.

Riddick sees Vin Diesel reprise his role as well, Riddick. As if the first two outings of this character were not enough! I can’t remember the first or the second movie very well and since the first was in 2000 and the second was nearly 10 years ago I’m hardly surprised. What I do seem to remember though is that this one seems like a carbon copy of the first.  Our Anti-Hero hard nut is once again stuck on a planet where something is quickly approaching that will unleash the planets dormant monsters on the unsuspecting cast.

The premise in itself is not horrible and the movie everything you would expect, horrible dialogue, violence, brief nudity and mediocre CG. It wasn’t unwatchable but I didn’t care what happened to them and it certainly won’t be passing the bechdel test as there are only 2 women in it. One had about 3 minutes of screen time before getting shot and although the other is a lesbian she turns on a dime as soon as Riddick is finished kicking ass.

It passed the evening but was not something I would have chosen to see.



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