30 Day Challenge – Day 7, Do you read? What are you favourite books?

First question – Do you read? Yes I do but not as much as I would like. When I lived in London if I didn’t walk to work I got the bus (which at peak commuter times goes nowhere fast) and I normally spent my lunch hour and coffee breaks in the staff room with my nose in a book. I got through loads and loved it, I mainly read lighthearted books you know nothing too taxing which was a nice rest from my stressful job.

Now I live in Berlin I am normally on my bike which is not conducive to reading or if I do take public transport the journeys are so short that it is barely worth getting out a book. So since I have been here my reading rate had slowed but I’m still reading.


Question two – What are your favourite books? Gosh where to start, in the incredibly girly and a tad pathetic category I love Lindsey Kelks I heart series. The lead character is so terribly British and is almost as talented as me in the klutz category, they are funny and easy-going and typical chicklit. Which brings me to another author Sophie Kinsella, if you haven’t heard of the shopaholic series you may have been living under a rock but it’s her book Twenties Girl which is a particular favourite of mine. It’s a poignant story which has me laughing and crying in equal measures and I just loved it.

the-hunger-games-books-1-3 The_Fault_in_Our_Stars

I also have a soft spot for dystopian future books like The Hunger Games and The Uglies series but really that’s about as sci-fi as I get I’m not really into spacey stuff. Mostly I like books about people with interesting stories like Memoirs of a Geisha, The curious incident of the dog in the night-time (just on a side note Mark Haddons book A Spot of Bother is hilarious), The Wasp Factory, some of Ben Eltons books and at the moment i’m reading A fault in our stars by John Green. I also like some fantasy books like The Hobbit, His Dark Materials and some Terry Pratchett.

My favourite author I think must be Douglas Coupland, his stories are so different but he writes his characters so well you feel like you know them, His captures the essence of people so well you know their quirks inside out and the stories are so detailed and interesting you can barely put them down. If you haven’t read any of his work then I strongly suggest you start with Microserfs and the anything else you can get your hands on.


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