Cafe of the Week – Barcomi’s Deli


If you have read my brunch post then you may already be aware this is one of my favourites. Located in Sophie-Gips-Höfe it is hard to find unless you know it is there, but everybody does know it is there. Famous for their bagels it’s why most people go there but their cakes are equally good and their coffee is very tasty.

One of the perks of this place is the ability to book a table even on a Sunday but if you turn up when they open around 10 you can normal find a place to sit. I wouldn’t recommend sitting outside at this time of year though as today we saw the people who made that decision being savagely attacked by wasps.

The place itself is bright and airy in the upstairs portion and looks a little like a retro American diner in the lower section. The wait staff are pleasant and efficient which makes the value for money food all the better.

IMG_0746 IMG_0747


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