30 day challenge – Day 3 Your day, in great detail

I woke up at 6.31 which is usual for me and even though I felt tired I didn’t go back to sleep. Instead i reached for me iPad and went through my normal morning routine with it. This involves, playing Hayday, Clash of clans, checking Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Buzzfeed, BBC News and finally seeing if it is my turn of word feud. I lay in bed doing all these things and watch The Big Bang Theory until I felt it was time to get up.

At 7.45 I begrudgingly dragged my ass out of bed so I could have a bath before meeting the neighbours for breakfast. I ran my bath a little too hot which meant I had to put more cold in which in turn meant it was a bit too full but I got in anyways. The cat likes it when the bath is too full because it means she can very easily drink the bath water which she did until it started to wash me hair then that was the end of that.

While I was in the bath I started watching an episode of Don’t tell the Bride. It was the first in a new series and the couple got married at the Stoke City football ground at half time on match day and I contemplated how naive and selfish the Groom had been and felt very sorry for the poor Bride. The crowd chanted “you don’t know what you’re doing” as they walked out on to the pitch and I couldn’t help thinking I hope she gets  damn nice honeymoon after this malarkey.

I washed my hair twice and conditioned, I washed my whole body with scrubby gloves but I didn’t shave my legs today as the weather was decidedly autumnal and I though trousers would be a good idea. I also contemplated my day, we needed money so we could pay for breakfast and get the tram to Hackascher Markt. I made a mental note to remind my hubby when I got out of the bath. I let the water out and rinsed off with the shower attachment and got out, I wrapped a towel round my hair dried my body and moved through to the living room to fix my face.

I reminded hubby about the cash and he said he would hop on the bike and go get some. I did my make-up

Olay eye cream, Stila factor 30 tinted moisturiser, Bobbi Brown touch up stick under the eyes, Bourjois cream blush, L’Oreal BB powder, Artdeco eyebrow powder and then I curled my eyelashes and applied MaxFactor clump defy waterproof mascara.

I got dressed, plain black H&M tshirt, coral skinny jeans, my wedding and eternity rings, my Tiffany butterfly necklace and ring and my purple Michael Kors watch. I couldn’t be bothered to dry my hair so I opted for plaits, they went well first time and I was pleased. My hair is getting longer so they are now a lot easier to do.

I wasn’t comfy in my skinny jeans because I have lost a bit of weight since I bought them  and they were slipping down so I changed to a pair of wideleg black trousers and threw on a kimono cardigan. I sprayed on some Naught Alice perfume and brushed my teeth just in time to be ready for meeting the neighbours.

We all walked together to Eberswalder Strasse to get the tram and their little girl went in her push chair. We didn’t have long to wait for the tram and once we got on she got out of her buggy and sat beside me. She is a 3-year-old who likes tram rides and on the way we compared nails (hers pink and sparkly and mine mint green) and tattoos (hers stick on and mine real but both pink flowers in the same place) she told me all about the knights and princesses birthday party she was at yesterday which where I assume the tattoo and nail were in honour of.

We got of the tram and wandered through Hackascher Hoff to Barcomi’s Deli. This had been the little girls wish last night and she had informed her parents she would like to have bagels with Uncle Mark and Auntie Debbie in the morning so who were we to say no. We were very early which was lucky because most of the tables were reserved and after some initial juggling of some seats we got a nice table in the corner and I looked at the menu. I don’t know quite why I bothered because I already knew I wanted a sesame bagel with cream cheese and a latte but I looked anyway. It was a very tasty breakfast and I even had a second coffee.

Then we took a walk back to Rosenthaler Platz to get the tram back up the road, the clouds were very grey and it was chilly so we were relieved the tram was only a minute away. On our walk back the little one had asked if Uncle Mark could please come back to her house and play trains and once again who were  we to say no. So once back at theirs we played Brio trains and built a Duplo tower taller than she was until it was nap time.

We snuck back across to our flay once she was sleeping and I made us some pancakes and we both got comfy on the sofa to chill out for a bit. We watched the last hour or so of the Hulk movie with Liv Tyler and Ed Norton and I started writing the first part of my day.

After writing for a little bit I napped on and off for about and hour and a half and then woke up at around 5.15 ready for some food. Mark brought through some cheeses, paté, bread, parma ham and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I fed small fakes of cheese to the cat but very soon she was demanding that I give her some proper cat food and led me through to the kitchen, I fed her, made us coffee and brought through some biscuits. I played with the cat for a little while finally getting her to go through her new play tunnel we bought for her yesterday which was a big win for me. We watched the tail end of Demolition Man and while I half watched another movie called The Salton Sea with Val Kilmer while I wrote a cover letter and updated me CV for a job I’m applying for. Mark was a great help and gave me some good pointers for which I am truly grateful.

After that I found E.T was playing on the SyFy channel and after playing with a few hairstyles for a bit settled down to watch it, while I watched I typed up my Cafe of the week post and applied some new style false nails from L’Oreal. I always have a bad time with false nails but these were said to be very good so I thought I would give them a try, on first impression they give the same problems as any others I have tried. There are never enough sizes and the always sit too far away from my natural nails at the tip and look a little odd but I will see how they last they may come in handy for my holiday when I have no time or products to actually repaint my nails. I actually managed not to bawl my eyes out at the end of E.T which is a first for me.

Now it is 10 o’clock and I have to work tomorrow so I am contemplating getting an early night. It is now 10.30 and after a further 30 minutes of web surfing I’m finally ready to turn in, I will get myself a drink, use the loo chase with the cat and collapse into bed.

Good Night!


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