30 Day challenge – Day 2, 10 likes and dislikes.


1. Movies – I love films whether it’s in the cinema or at home on DVD/Blu-Ray I just like the experience. I would like to be part of the film industry to me it’s like making someones dreams real. Creating something tangible from ideas and words is very appealing to me.

2. Animals – Especially cats, red pandas, pugs and wombats. I pretty much like all animals but the cuter or sillier the better.

3. Riding my Bike – I never thought I would find love for bike riding again I used to enjoy it as a kid but have really enjoyed it here in Berlin it gives you a special kind of freedom you rarely find in modern life.

4. Making things – photos, clothes, cakes, jewellery or arts and crafts I like creating things. There is nothing like the satisfaction you get from making something with your own two hands and it feels great to have something exactly the way you envisioned it.

5. Baths – My favourite way to get clean, I can easily spend an hour in the bath. I take my iPad or laptop so I can catch up on some TV shows or YouTube. I find it so relaxing and I always come out feeling better than when I went in.

6 Painting my nails – This I guess is a combination of the making things and bath likes. One of my great pleasures in life is freshly painted nails I am always looking for different colours or unusual finishes and the relaxing thing is that when they are freshly painted I know there is nothing I can do for a little while until they are dry.

7. Making people happy – I like making things go well for people, if I can help someone in someone normally I will, if I can think of a way to make someones day/event/life a little bit better then I will do it. Usually it’s the small things like making sure someone had a birthday cake or personalising a gift for someone but I always find the smallest touches make the biggest difference.

8. Organising – This is a passion of mine, you wouldn’t know it to see my house as I’m quite messy but I am organised. I don’t know if that makes sense but look at it like this you may open a drawer to find nail polishes just thrown in there but if you take a closer look they will all be of one colour or one brand. My Blu-Rays are alphabetised, I file my letters and bank statements in order and I just like knowing where everything is or doing things systematically. I am also super organised when it comes to travel or even just days out if someone needs a wet wipe, sunscreen, plaster or safety-pin chances are I’ll have one.

9. Japanese things – They have a wonderful and bizarre culture filled with history, art and technology. It truly fascinates me how Japan seems to have one foot in the past and the other in the future. I like most things Japanesey cherry blossoms are my favourite flower, I find kimonos so beautiful and their gadgetry and innovation are second to none. Of course I love the twee things most people associate with the country like manga, anime, kawaii culture but I also love their minimalistic aesthetic more akin to Muji or Uniqlo.

10. Coffee – It’s not all about the caffeine kick for me, my love affair with coffee goes deeper than that. I actually really like the taste of coffee with milk and would even drink decaf. I like coffee flavoured things like ice cream and chocolates and I used to have a chocolate candle that filled room with a lovely scent.


1. Insects – Not all but most (ladybugs, butterflies and dragonflies escape) especially wasps, mosquitos and most of all spiders. They are just a big fat nope.

2. Negative people – You know the people who complain about everything in their life everyday. Everyone is entitled to a down day and a moan every now and again so don’t get me wrong but if you complain about your job everyday well you know what, you have the power to change it. I try to start everyday with a smile and I am a big believer in the fact that people don’t really care about your daily woes.

3. Competition – I just don’t get it. I am genuinely happy for other people’s success, I don’t feel I need to be the best at things and when playing a board game I honestly don’t care if I’m winning as long as I’m having a good time. Life is too short to spending trying to out do others just be your best self and let that be good enough.

4. Carelessness – This applies across all aspects from cyclists who don’t stop at red lights (and we all know how much I hate those) to people who don’t pick up after their dogs. I guess I dislike people who don’t think about how their actions might affect others.

5. Spicy Food – Food should not cause you pain, if it does you’re doing it wrong the end.

6. Smoking – I loathe smoking, I respect people’s right to free will but I hate people who smoke near me when I have no option to move away. For example, tram stops, outside stores or in other public places. Berlin is the worst for this.

7. Crowds – I can’t cope in crowds. People are dumb and when you put large amounts of them together they are annoying, unpredictable, slow and frustrating for me.  I tend to stay away from popular places at busy times and dislike big events like Notting Hill Carnival for precisely this reason.

8. Heights – They make me feel spinny, we went to teufelsberg and I had falling dreams for a week. I don’t even like other people being at the edge of high places it makes my palms sweaty just thinking about it.

9. Being rushed – If there is one thing i know about myself is that I’m not good under pressure. I am the person will be at the airport an hour early, I will take an entire day to get ready for a big event and if I am forced to leave the house before I’m good and ready I will inevitably forget something and be grumpy for a good while.

10. Latecomers to the cinema – I have a dislike for the people that is so intense I am surprised I have not clocked one before now. If you are late to the movie find out where you seat if before you disturb the entire row and find the most efficient way there. Sit down quickly and do things like removing coats and jackets before attempting to access your seat, please and thank you.


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