The 30 Day challenge – explanation and Day 1

So the WordPress community is a great source of inspiration for me, or at least that’s how I justify shamelessly stealing other peoples ideas. I stumbled upon this over on SFoxWritings Blog (you should all go over there now and check it out, it’s slick blog with great content) and figured it would be a wicked thing to give a go.

Here is the list


So without further ado here is Day 1

Some basic things about me, let me see. I’m female and quite feminine not really a tomboy but I am very practical. I’m 5ft 4 and way heavier than I want to be, I have medium brown hair but dye it a little darker. I’m a Libra, I have grey eyes and wear a UK size 6.5 shoe. I’m Scottish but live in Berlin Germany with my husband and cat and I’m very happy here. I am younger than the original Starwars but older than Call Me by Blondie and I have 5 tattoos.

See you tomorrow with day 2!


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