East Vs West – shopping


Today we braved “The West” for that is where the Apple Store is located.

I really don’t like going to Ku’Damm, granted they have some cool shops there but on a Saturday it is especially difficult. Today we had to brave a motorcycle rally and some weird demonstration  that was having a silent disco just to get there. The demonstration was going up and down Ku’Damm and Tauentzien Strasse so the police kept closing streets to cars, they were however accessible by bike but what happens when sheeple don’t see cars is that they never think to look for bikes and just wander out into the road like idiots. My bike rage gets extremely high in West Berlin as people seem to have their heads so far up their own arses they run red lights, walk when it says don’t walk and walk out from between parked cars without looking (I had a screetchy brake moment when some stupid man did this to get into his massive 4×4 and then his female companion who was also walking into on coming traffic on a one way street had the cheek to tell me I should be careful on my bike, if I hadn’t been being careful your bloke would be flat on his back right now and probably owning me a new bike).

Anyways I guess it reminds me too much of London for me to enjoy shopping there, there are some many great places to shop in Berlin that I really don’t feel the need to go there. my favourite place to shop I guess is Alexander Platz I like Galeria Kaufhof and the Alexa mall. You can also find huge stores of C&A, MeidaMarkt and Saturn. Another nice place to shop is Wilmersdofer where you can find a TK Maxx and a Karstadt plus a nice big Idee if you are into crafts. Plus on a Saturday there are far less sheeple than there seems to be in the West and if it all gets too much then you are only 10 minutes from home, hurrah!


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