Pet Hates Berlin Edition – Part 1

I’m feeling decidedly grumpy this evening, it’s been a very long day so I thought I would vent. I am titling this blog post part one because things tick me off all the time and there will inevitably be update to this post and I may even do some specifically themed ones at a later date but let’s get the ball rolling shall we.

  • Crazy cyclists – why do you have to cycle two abreast when people are trying to get past you, and try to stick to the right side of the cycle lane so if I need to pass I can. Also jumping red lights, why? just why would you do that? I will also never understand purposefully cycling on the pavement, bikes go on the road!
  • Vodaphone – maybe it’s just me but they seem to call and text every couple of days trying to sell me something or other. Perhaps my German isn’t good enough when I tell them I don’t want any offers and to please stop calling but they don’t seem to be getting the message.
  • Supermarket guilt trips – I dunno if you have noticed here but quite a lot of the shops have a system here where the only way to exit is through the very narrow till points and if you wander into a LIDL or ALDI and they don’t have what you want you have to sheepishly squeeze past the paying customers just to get out.
  • Dentistry – It is so expensive and the system seem geared to getting you to a point where you have no option but to have the treatment. I have currently been told that for them to proceed with fixing my teeth the “recommend” I have a professional cleaning which will be 150€.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting – why are there no good cleaning or disinfecting products available in supermarkets or drug stores? No Milton, Savlon, Dettol or TCP to be found anywhere. I suspect I might have to go to the Apotheke and ask but I have yet to try.

I’ll leave it at that for tonight so I can calm down before bed and I’ll see you in the next instalment


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