Thursday night movie – 15.08.13 R.I.P.D

Having seen numerous trailers for this in the past few weeks I was 100% ready to hate this. It just looked so awful with silly special effects and corny dialogue so when the opening credits started last night a collective sigh could be heard from the audience. Now we have a policy in these mystery movies me and my husband that we don’t walk out of a movie unless it’s something we have already seen or something we have previously agree neither of us want to sit through (especially after the whole Sinister ordeal) so I decided to sit back and wait to be appalled.

The start was predictable our hero (Ryan Reynolds) is in a happy relationship and things are going well for him, he even seems to have some morals as he decides the life of a dirty cop is not for him and wants to turn in some evidence he and his partner took from a drugs bust. Then as you have seen from the trailer he dies, I won’t go too much into the details of his death because I don’t want to give away too many plot points incase you are actually planning on seeing this.

Once dead he is plucked from the swirling vortex leading to judgement and finds himself in an interview room with Proctor (Mary-Louise Parker) where he is given the choice of serving in the R.I.P.D catching deados or take his chances with judgement. Having died before being able to square away the evidence situation he is of course strong armed into joining and is given an old-timer cowboy partner (Jeff Bridges) to show him the ropes.

Now from here on in I am going to say what has been said in pretty much every review you might read and that this is now a cross between Men In Black and Ghost. Of course it falls well short of both of these movies being nowhere near as witty as MIB and nowhere near as sentimental as Ghost. However, I wouldn’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Perhaps it’s merely because I expect to hate it but the overall movie isn’t as bad as some I have seen lately. It delivers on expectations and the plot flows quite well with a few little nice touches like the chemistry between Daniels and Parker and the broken things being a give away the deados are near. The love story is weak though and Kevin Bacon’s character is a great idea poorly executed coming off more as camp when I think he was going for evil. I am also not quite sure why Jeff Daniels signed on for this, perhaps because he thought it looked like fun and it certainly looked like he had fun with the character and stole the show.

So to sum up a nice little popcorn movie that I expected to hate and ended up not minding, it has also made me want to check out the comic books.

A surprising 5.5/10



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