Dog mad or mad dog?

A little thing occurred to me the other week as we sat having brunch with friends (it’s a hard life) she mentioned you always know when there is a dog around because me and my husband always point them out to each other and the awwwwwing commences. I have been know to dive across crowded bars and restaurants to pet a dog and I’m forever making friends outside supermarkets. The thing that occurred to me the other day is that never actually having owned a dog myself do dog owners find it annoying?

I remember when I lived in London always seeing a young couple who used to sit outside a soho cafe with their very cute pugs, they would audibly sigh and roll their eyes when anyone made a fuss of them or petted them but you could tell they loved all the attention and would always put themselves in prime place.

I always ask if I can pet the dog and as they seem to have an access all areas pass here in Berlin being more than welcome in restaurants, cafes, shops and on public transport they are everywhere. Most of the homeless/punks on the street have at least one dog and I saw a nice thing in Alexander Platz the other day. There was a mobile vet van that pulled up and they were all there making sure their pets had all the jabs they needed and there were some very friendly dogs being given the once over. The dogs here in the capital are very well-trained and most walk without a leash (although this is illegal and if the ordnungsamt catches you, you will be fined) they hardly ever bark and always look both ways before crossing the road! So I’m sorry Berlin you may think I’m a mad dog lady (is that even a thing or are you only allowed to be a mad cat lady) but when your 4 legged friend comes my way it’s gonna get some love.


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