My top 10 favourite bloggers/vloggers

1. The Vlog Brothers


What can I say about John and Hank Green that hasn’t already been said. Responsible for Vidcon they have been producing content in one form or another for 6 years. Their Nerdfighters are everywhere and with an interest in educating, connecting people and generally trying to make the world a better place you can’t help but feel inspired by them. Their content consists of video games, music, literature, observations and anything remotely nerdy. John is also a best-selling author with his equally heartbreaking and funny “The fault in our stars” being made into a movie next year. If you decide to only check out one link for my list then I urge you to click this one and Don’t Forget To Be Awesome.

Vlogbrothers YouTube channel


Project For Awesome 

2. Daily Grace


Quirky, awkward, genuine and extremely charismatic. Grace is at her best on YouTube, she vlogs normally from her desk 5 days a week with each day having a theme (apart from Mondays I think) and a little theme tunes. The moment you start watching you are immediately sucked into her world and in under 10 minutes she will undoubtably have you giggling like an idiot about something or other. She reacts to the world-wide web in the same way as most of us and seems just as stunned by the YouTube community as the average viewer. Her family are also awesome with her brother (TimWillDestroyYou) and Momma Helbig making hilarious guest appearances from time to time.

Grace Helbig on YouTube

3. Fun for Louis


Although I’m a little weirded out by his first foray into the YouTube world, Food for Louis (I can’t ever see why eating live animals wouldn’t be considered cruel) his daily vlog channel is fantastic. He seizes every opportunity to travel round the world “enjoying life and living the adventure” his video editing and cinematography is to die for and the jazzy soundtrack he uses really fits well with the feeling of his videos. I actually unknowingly encountered Louis long before I knew he was a youtuber when he used to park his Boom Bus up across the river from my house. He seems to get along easily with everyone he meets and his family seem so close and chilled you can see why he is so personable.

Fun For Louis

4. Sprinkle of Glitter


This young lady is just an inspiration, as you get to know Louise through her Blog and Vlogs you will understand why I like her so much. She has overcome a lot of adversity and still manages to project a sunny outlook on life. She had a great body image, a beautiful family and a very similar taste and style to me. She is funny, uncensored, honest and as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. If I met her in real life I would give her a great big hug even though she’s not a hugger.

Louise’s YouTube channel

Sprinkle of Glitter Blog

5. British Beauty Blogger


I love this woman’s reviews, she is classy and fun and so current with her news that she is my go to blog for finding out about new beauty products. I also love that just like me she has no qualms about vocalising her struggles with technology and with me being on the wrong side of 30 I know I can trust her reviews. Her blog is very well put together and she is just starting to venture into the vlogging world with simple videos on her thoughts and insights into the crazy beauty industry.

British Beauty Blogger

British Beauty Blogger on YouTube 

6. The Bloggess


Tears, actual tears rolling down my face! When I read her story about the giant metal chicken I was laughing and crying so hard I could barely breathe. I aspire to be a witty and wonderful as this woman is, she has a great way with words and the way she describes her interactions with her husband reminds me a lot of my own relationship. She of course (like all great people in my opinion) struggles with her mental health issues but the way she talks about it is so important and has actually helped many seek the help they need. She also has a wicked taxidermy collection if your into that sort of thing and one of her pieces is featured on the front of her book “Let’s pretend this never happened”.

Jenny Lawson’s blog

7. Jolly Jack


This one is a different kind of blogging, Phillip M Jackson is a very skilled cartoonist and illustrator he produces a few different web comics which are all published on his website with my favourite being Sequential Art. This web comic follows the life of Art, who is an illustrator, and his housemates as they have a series of adventures. It draws from pop and nerd culture often referencing video games and cult movies.  He really has these characters nuances down pat and it makes for a great read.

Collected Curios

8. Yogscast


I first found these guys when I was stuck on a level in Portal 2 so I cheated and looked up on YouTube what to do, little did I know I would then spend more time watching other people play games than actually playing them myself. When they are playing the hilarious commentary makes you feel like they are the type of people you could easily be friends with and comfortable like they are right there in you own living room. Their top-notch Minecraft videos are what they are known for but their channel had a lot of excellent content on a lot of different games.

Yogscast Website

Yogscast (Simon and Lewis) YouTube channel

9. Gossmakeupartist


Another beauty Vlogger, are you seeing a theme here? Wayne is another person whose opinion I trust wholeheartedly his no BS attitude is very refreshing in the bloated beauty blogger/vlogger community and with a wicked sense of humour his tweets are very entertaining. He does great product reviews and demos and it’s nice to see someone doing it for the love of makeup rather than being a fame whore that generally comes with the territory.

Waynes YouTube channel

@gossmakeupartis for twitter

10. Simon Tofield


As we all know so well in this social media world of ours “Cats Drive Clicks” and none more so than Simon’s Cat with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. I don’t need to really say much about this as it is self-explanatory but to anyone who had ever owned a cat you know he captures their character perfectly and to anyone who has never owned a cat yes they are really like this. If you have never watched any of the videos then get over to YouTube right now and get caught up, you won’t regret it.

Simon’s cat on YouTube

Simon’s cat website


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