Cafe of the Week – Cafe CK

Just along the road from us at Marienburgerstrasse 49 is this little gem of a cafe. Mentioned on many “best coffee” lists on the internet as soon as you step through the door you start to understand why. They are passionate about their coffee only sourcing the best beans around and can tell you exactly where each of their blends come from. They are just as precise about the brewing even using scales to make sure the right amount of coffee is delivered to your cup. The only downside to this is that the blend they have on might not be to your particular taste but you can always ensure it will be good quality.

The cafe itself is typical berlin style with comfy sofas, quirky artwork and good music. They actually have a record player and todays LP seemed to be a best of Fleetwood Mac which was perfect for sipping coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The lighting in the back room is intimate but the front room is bright and airy with large windows facing out onto the street where you can watch the world go by.

They have a simple food offering with a selection that includes carrot cake, brownies (all baked on the premises I believe) and a nice granola that comes with yoghurt and fresh fruit. Interestingly they also have quite a few items for purchase which is perfect for coffee lovers wanting to take their first steps into home brewing. The staff are incredibly personable and are great with advice on brewing and giving you that relaxed cafe experience Berlin does so well.



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