Places to visit – Teufelsberg

If you fancy a little more adventure in your sight seeing then this might just be one for you. Teufelsberg (literally meaning Devils mountain) is steeped in history, the mountain itself is made from the rubble of the second world war but is now lush and green like the surrounding forests. As Berlin is relatively flat when you get to the top the views are pretty breathtaking and on a clear day you can see for miles but it’s what greets you when you get to the top that is the real reason for going there.

As you climb out of the trees you begin to make it out, looking gloomy and foreboding even on the sunniest of summer days the abandoned NSA listening station looms above you it’s tattered coverings wafting in the breeze. Everything tells you that you shouldn’t be there and until a little while ago you actually had to break in through the fence to reach the station. Alas this site has gone the same way as most and now you have to pay an entry fee, sign a waver (just in case you fall off the top) and you have a guide to show you round. Don’t be too despondent though as the guides are all wonderful and the team in charge are actively working to try and stop any regeneration of the site.

Once you have paid the piper you are led round the bottom areas and given a brief overview of the history of the site. you will see the main halls filled with debris and decaying plant matter and listen to stories about the site from over the years, as you climb the stairs to the middle floor you realise just how little of the building is actually left and you are standing in an empty shell with nothing to protect you from the dizzy drop on every side. The middle and upper floors of the main building are very interesting because it is here that a group of street artists chose to have an exhibition and bright murals cover every surface and as you dodge your way around the holes in the floor there is a new piece of artwork around every corner.

Next is the ascent to the roof where you can actually stand within the two outer domes and take in the view, you can of course pick out the TV tower, Olympic Stadium and many of the lakes but for the most park you become aware of just how flat and green Berlin is. The tour doesn’t stop there though your guide will wait patiently at this level as you scale the central tower into the highest dome where the acoustics will blow your mind. I encourage everyone do to this clap, sign, chant, shout and bang on the walls to get the full bewitching effect. It isvery eerie up here and really is a feeling that stays with you for a long time.



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