50 things about me

1. I consider myself Scottish. I was born just over the border in Carlisle but my dad is Scottish born and bred and I spent the first 18 years of my life there.

2. I have 5 tattoos, a lotus on the inside of my right forearm, a cherry blossom and the inside of the left forearm, the Aum symbol on the top if my right foot, a butterfly in the middle of my back and a celtic knot on my bum.

3. In my last job a was an international drug dealer, all above board and legal of course.

4. I am obsessed with my nails and have hundreds of bottles of nail polish.

5. I am a mad cat lady and would have loads of the little buggers if I had the space.

6. I have a very mild OCD/Anxiety disorder and need to be in control of most situations and a lot of time feel that things aren’t done properly unless I have done them myself.

7. I dropped out of uni after 2 years for various reasons and don’t regret it.

8. The first day I set foot in Berlin is the same day as I moved here. I had never been to Germany before.

9. I can’t cook. The only 2 exceptions to this are I can bake and I do an awesome BBQ

10. I used to play the cornet (like a trumpet) and I hate it just as much as it hated me.

11. I hate the sun, I don’t like being hot and I burn really easily.

12. The one place I have always wanted to live is Japan.

13. My mum and dad run a pub and I spent a few years being a barmaid for a part time job. but never in their pub.

14. My first job as in a green grocers when I was 13 and I can still pretty accurately eyeball 5lb of potatoes.

15 I am quite claustrophobic and like to sit next to the aisle in cinemas and planes.

16. I wear glasses everyday but can see nearly perfectly without them, I have astigmatism and get a headache if I am without them for too long.

17. I can fall asleep virtually anywhere except quietly in my own bed. In silence every little noise freaks me out.

18. I love watching films and normally watch about 3 or 4 a week.

19. When I was younger we used to go to Spain on holiday this led me to take and pass GCSE Spanish and I can’t remember any of it.

20. I have had 7 piercings in my life (ears, lip, tongue, top ear twice, nose, belly button) and only 3 remain (ears, nose, belly button)

21. I am petrified of spiders in the literal sense of the word if I see one I freeze and can’t move and if it isn’t removed I will have a full on meltdown.

22. Red pandas are my favourite animal and I would have one as a pet if it were allowed.

23. I consider myself Pagan but have equal respect for all religions.

24. I was in Tokyo when the Tōhoku earthquake struck in 2011. It was my first ever earthquake and the experience will stay with me forever.

25. When I was 19 I spent the best part of a year in wheelchair due to meningococcal encephalitis it was a long recovery but I eventually got better.

26. I am a certified Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Hopi Ear Candle practitioner.

27. I love paranormal things and would like to think aliens, ghosts and cryptozoology creatures are real.

28. I’m uk shoe size 6.5

29. I like fishing and I am really quite good at it (country girl at heart)

30. My Husband and I met online in 1998 before the internet was a really big thing.

31. I am a qualified TEFL teacher and hope to teach English here in Berlin.

32. I am allergic to shellfish which makes having sushi tricky.

33. I had my first filling ever this year at the age of 34.

34. I have a thing for mugs if I see a nice one I have to have it.

35. Coffee is my favourite drink it’s not even about the caffeine I just like the taste.

36. I used to be a raver and would go to events normally once a month.

37. My Neighbour Totoro is my favourite movie but the Fox version not the Disney re-dub.

38. I don’t have a favourite superhero but if I had to pick it would be a close run thing between Ironman and Superman.

39. I can Poi reasonably well.

40. My Celebrity crushes are Russell Brand, Derren Brown, Johnny Depp, Stepehn Fry, Nathan Fillion, Simon Drake (if you know who this is you are a. old and b. cool), Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Lawrence and Gemma Arterton.

41. I always by scary games cause I like the idea of them and think they look cool but am always too scared to play them.

42. I really dislike the taste of water and have to put squash in it to drink it.

43. I have never broken a bone.

44. I am convinced the zombie apocalypse will happen and have a fear of zombies. I will watch zombie shows in daylight hours purely for survival tips.

45. I have been to Prince Charles’s house and met some of his staff who were all very down to earth as was the house.

46. I used to be in a tug of war team.

47. I was born with a deformed ear and had to have fixed when I was younger. The only thing that freaked me out was when I realised they were not going to let my mum come in the room with me.

48. I got married at the top of the London Eye.

49. I have found by becoming an ex-pat the one British thing I can’t live without is actually the BBC

50. My favourite motif is stars, some people like bows, rainbows, crosses or hearts but for me it’s always stars


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