Kollwitz Platz Market

Every Saturday the street right outside our door comes to life with colour, music, smells, hustle and bustle. The Kollwitz Platz Markt is a mecca for Berliners and tourists alike. People come here to meet friends, hang out, eat, take photographs and of course shop. The stalls are numerous and varied but with one thing in common, quality.
There are your usual Turkish fruit and veg men along side their BIO German counterparts. Stalls selling art, clothes, jewellery, ceramics, toiletries, meat, fish, flowers, oddities, chocolate, herbs and spices and lets not forget the beautifully expensive baby clothes, this is Prenzlauer Berg after all.

You can sample most of what is on offer and many of the stalls have few tables and chairs if you fancy a sit down and some fresh cooked food. Sometimes there is even a champagne bar! Many visitors chose to sit on the schöne Ecke (nice corner) or in the play park idly watching their children build sand castles.

If the weather is good you can guarantee there will be more than a couple of buskers or street entertainers with the bubble people being a firm favourite. I however like the buskers as they are always something a little different from the norm.



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