Thursday night movie – 01.08.13 Pain and Gain

This is one I was actually looking forward to seeing as I quite like a few of the actors work. Staring Mark Wahlberg , Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Anthony Mackie and Tony Shalhoub plus great comedic bit parts from Rebel Wilson and Ken Jeong this flick about 3 hapless body builders pulling of big time crime looked like my cup of tea. Don’t be fooled by the trailer though because this is not by any means a light hearted movie and I think it does a good job of portraying the dark true story it based on.

**********Spoilers Ahead***********

Final warning if you haven’t seen the movie or don’t know what the outcome is the stop reading now because I will be revealing plot points.

The first thing to say is that it captures the early to mid 90’s period perfectly and manages to accurately portray the fashions. colours and excess without it looking too over the top and the next is that this movie wasn’t anywhere near as funny as though it was going to be …… and that’s a good thing.

Once you understand that the “based on a true story” tag line isn’t a shtick ( and it reminds you of this at an incredulous moment in the story) then you forgive the slap stick comedy of the trailer giving way to something more unsettling. Yes there are still parts of the movie that are played for laughs but it’s meant to be entertainment not a documentary. The performances are solid, Wahlberg perfectly personifies the delusional Lugo and The Rock is hilarious and heart breaking as a giant lug who is just trying to stay on the right side of Jesus and Rebel Wilson is, well, Rebel Wilson. Of course things don’t go their way and it soon spirals out of their control but the complexities of the story and everyone involved leave you wondering how on earth they got away with it in the first place, not Miami P.D’s finest moment. I know great liberties where taken with the real story but when you see the whole movie almost from inside the deranged mind of Lugo himself when they are sentenced to death at the end it still comes as a bit of a shock. These are nice guys right, they are just trying to get ahead? Well no they are not, they are criminals and not even good ones.

So to sum up not what I was expecting but in a good way, I had no idea this was an actual criminal case and I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would have.

A solid 7 out of 10



One thought on “Thursday night movie – 01.08.13 Pain and Gain

  1. Like most Bay films, it does run too long for its own good and deflates a bit in the third act, but it kept me entertained for the most part. Good review.

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