Sneak cinema

Unless a better offer comes along there is one place you can guarantee to find me and that’s Cinestar in the Sony Centre at Potsdamer Platz.

So what’s so special about Thursday? Well that is when the sneak preview movie club runs, the premise is pretty simple it’s 6€ a ticket (6.50 if you want the posh seats) and you have no idea what you are going to see. The gamble doesn’t always pay off and blockbusters tend to take a back seat to independent movies but the upshot is that you might just enjoy something you had never heard of or thought you wouldn’t be interested in.

Each week before the movie there is a small quiz with five questions, the first two are always about last weeks movie and the other are normally trivia connected to up and coming films. You can win tickets to the next sneak and sometimes tickets for blockbuster previews and special events. All in all its a fun evening out and from tomorrow I will make a regular feature of reviewing the thursday night movie.

All details are here for the cinema and this is a nifty little web community that will give you the movies that have been with scores and also the predictions for next week.



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