A to Z of Berlin

A – art, it permeates Berlin in every conceivable form.

B – brunch, it’s done so well here it is hard to resist.

C – cool, it’s inevitable stay here long enough and you become part of it.

D – dogs, so many cute pooches in this city and they can go pretty much anywhere.

E – east, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain and Treptow oozing with eastern charm.

F – fleamarkets – a staurday and sunday ritual for tourists and collectors alike.

G – graffiti, horrible tags or beautiful pieces by El Bocho there is barely a building without it.

H – hipster, we all love to hate them but secretly want to be them.

I – icecream, from may to september your local eis shop will serve you lots of ymmu kugels be we all want to know where they go in the winter.

J – jägermeister, the street is always littered with tiny little bottle of this favourite tipple

K – kids, Berlin loves kids and kids love Berlin.

L – lakes, where you find most Germans on a hot day.

M – money, cash is king in Berlin make sure you have some on you at all times as not many places take cards.

N – nightlife, it doesn’t matter what you are into here there is a night spot for you.

O – ordnungsamt, Berlins cross between a traffic warden and cop tackling everything from parking tickets to dogs not on leads.

P – pfand, the money you get back from your bottles which is why you carry them round all day. 

Q – quatsch, one of Berlins finest comedy clubs.

R – recycling, one of the greenest places I have ever lived.

S – smoking, Berlins favourite pass time.

T – tefulsberg, the abandoned British/USA listening station is a fantastic place to visit.

U – u-bahn, Berlins underground system.

V – volkspark, so many beautiful parks in Berlin

W – winter markets, from the 1st of december berlin goes so mad for these that it starts to feel like you are living in Santa’s workshop.

X – xenodochial, against all stereotypes I believe this is one of the friendliest cities I have ever been to.

Y – youth hostel, lots of cool places to stay in this backpackers paradise.

Z – Zeit – whether you want to waste it or make the most of it there is no better place to spend it.


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