A new experience

So I have a really good friend who is a photographer. He is doing so well at it here in Berlin that they have now granted him an artists visa (I am so very proud of him). We recently went to see some of his work in an exhibition at a local gallery and the pieces he had printed up looked phenomenal. 

After talking at length about me and another friend getting some of his work printed up for our own walls today was the day we finally took the plunge. Armed with pre setup online accounts and his trusty flash drive we met at Hackescher Markt to go to his favourite print shop, let me tell you it is not what I was expecting.

Klick is far from your run of the mill copy & druck shop and on first glance looks more like a trendy gallery than a print shop. I was in awe of all of  the beautiful art hanging on the walls in so many different sizes, styles, shapes and finishes I soon realised choosing what you want might be a little more difficult than I had originally anticipated. It all just looked so good, I was like a kid in a candy shop but luckily Julia was on hand to help with advice and a keen eye (the nifty computer ordering system is very cool).

Now don’t get me wrong you can do this all on their internet site and get it posted to you but the advantages of going into store are well worth it. To be able to physically see the sizes and finishes makes a big difference as I soon found what I had thought I wanted was actually huge in reality. I opted for 2 square prints in 30cm x 30cm on brushed aluminium, one of his and one of mine and we also managed to take advantage of a 20% off instore offer.

I can not wait until they turn up! If you want to check out my friends photography you can do so here – through a traveler’s lens and make sure you check out the Klick website where you can upload your photos and have a play with the program.



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