Capitalism comes to Berlin

So yesterday in the sweltering heat I made my 6 monthly pilgrimage to Steglitz. That’s not far I hear you cry but it in this kiezy city I may have well have been going back to London. So why did I do it? One word, Primark!

I like their clothes hangers so sue me. Berlin’s one Primark store is a mecca for ex-pats and tourists alike and with work having started this week on the Alexander Platz branch they are extending their dominance to the Artsy German capital. The Berliners on the other hand don’t like it far preferring to shop at flea markets, ridiculously priced boutiques and hand making custom outfits. They fear that Berlin will lose it’s identity and I can see their point in the last year we have seen Forever21, & other stories, Pull & Bear, G-Star and Michael Kors all opening Berlin shops and not to mention the new Apple store and the fact KaDeWe have announced they will house Berlin’s first Topshop.

Do I think it will change Berlin? In all honesty I think it already has and I am not sure if it is just that I am more settled now that I have been here for 2 years but when I got here I swear it was like a shopping wasteland. Now I see more western products in the supermarket and it seems like everyday a new chain store that I already know is popping up. I don’t want Berlin to change and I very rarely go to Ku’Dam but I think when Primark finally opens in Alexander Platz the square will be sadly and irrevocably changed and I am sure a slew of new chain stores will follow.

Having said that I am sure when the new Primark does finally open it’s doors I will be first in the queue 😉


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